Abdulla Achilov

Ruby on Rails developer
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  • [email protected]
  • native Russian, conversational & technical English, studying Polish right now.
  • Warsaw, Poland 03-710


Hello and thank you for attention! My name is Abdulla and Im open to any proposals for a job/projects/etc in Warsaw. p.s. remote work is also possible.


Russian native, - I finished high school and graduated from university (MTUCI) in Moscow

English conversational & technical, ~5 years exp of work with clients from Australia, Canada, USA, UK.


TDD - I start to really appreciate TDD way of development during my first refactoring of huge application.

javascript/coffeescript - 0.1 + 0.2 ! = 0.3 is painful, but I still do love js

AWS - Can deploy SOA app on aws in solo.

Ruby on Rails - For over than 7 years I’ve been enjoying working with Ruby on rails. It was my second web language after php. I find it very useful that in RoR there are possibilities for startups as good as for big projects (but still some micro-services has to be in strict languages).

Websockets - I have more than 5 different websocket projects and I like working with it.

sql - I can work with pure sql queries as good as with ActiveRecord etc.

redis - Usually as a communication with sidekiq/actve_job/websocket/etc

git - I think it is 100% obvious, but for some reasons will mention it.

linux-admin - I can set up php/ruby/node.js service on DO/AWS/Heroku, I feel confident with using and setting up apache, nginx (unicorn / puma), pm2 etc.

React (junior lvl) - I can deploy react app, make changes, create new module, but still back-end development is my primary and I don't look for a front-end jobs.

sidekiq - Prefer it more than active job (especially after last benchmarks)

Postgresql/MYSQL/mariadb - I started work with pg years ago, and I'm really glad that it becomes better and better!


Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (MTUCI) Graduated in 2014

Bachelor degree in Engineering & Software development
Alma mater

Moskiewski Uniwersytet Techniczny Łączności i Informatyki (ros. Московский технический университет связи и информатики) – uczelnia w Rosji, kształcąca studentów w dziedzinie technologii informatycznych, radiotechniki, telekomunikacji i elektroniki.

Uczelnia powstała w 1921 roku w Moskwie jako Instytut Łączności Ludowej im. Wadima Podbielskiego.


Table tennis - Not a pro, just love to play ping-pong few times per week.

Scrapping/Parsing - I have even few templates for this on RoR with nokogiri and some classes for using NET::HTTP

Guitar - Have two prettiest girls ever: acoustic Martinez & electro cort evl-k4

chess - I had 1850 elo (rank 1 before candidate)

Bicycle - sometimes it is pleasure to take a ride on a bike through a forest


Tien Nguyen - IT director shakerapp

Ilya Podoinitsin - IT manager itima

Zen (Shenni) Lenon - Founder of Closedwon

Work Experience

Seniour Ruby on Rails developer 2019.11.15 - present time

KEY24, Warsaw, +48576677480

Back-end developing, front-end creation

RoR backend + aws engineer + team lead 2019 - 2020

ClosedWon, ,


Junior RoR developer 10.09.2012 - 01.04.2013

Itima, Moscow , Russia

I was like know nothing, and just learn with practise on supporting few sites: I learned basics of RoR, get some front-end skills slim/coffee/sass, creating few inside app for mobile ios with API.

  • lawdingo - - It was our project from odesk (now upwork) I implemented solr-sunspot with ajax searches there too.
  • vpodarok - - I complete front-end new design, search with solr-sunspot with ajax-calls.

Middle Ruby on Rails developer 01.07.2013 - 01.01.2016

itcproject, Moscow, Russia

Here I start with solo-projects with back-end in pair with front-end developer. I get exp with redis, thin (websockets at all), linux admin on DO and AWS. Then javascript and scrappers becomes my hobby, - not only the job. Created few micro-services in scala for some high-loaded services.

  • - - Landing of our company, with front-end dev in solo. Learn how setting-uped mailer and deploy to DO with dns settings full by myself.
  • Shakerapp - - This project I working on last 2 years. And there are just a lot of stuff. It is social network with ios and android apps. And web-version are API-based. There are cool websocket server on thin+redis+sidekiq. A lot of work with net::http, scale app, a lot of repeat functionalities of instagram/twitter created from zero by our way. Exp with appstore/google play. Exp with implement agile methods in team (we stay on weekly-scrum at end)
  • tamir-tex - - First my site with multi-lang full support (i18n) Have an admin panel for edit content, products on site in both languages. Get exp with pay-procecing API ( and paypal)

Full-stack freelancer 01.02.2016 - now

Upwork, Istanbul, Turkey

Just a freelancer, I had getting any job, what I like: css, js, ruby, php, cms - sheduler, scrappers. Get good rating, some money and a good exp with pg arrays in one project, and most important - good english conversational skill in Engslih with a lot of clients from: Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Arabian and etc.

  • BPRIVE - - prelaunchr (harry's) With custom design and admin panel for a/b testing of content. Full project created by me in solo.
  • J. Hathaway - - Strong improved Harry's prelaunchr, updated to actual ruby, rails versions.
  • myfitstat - - Social network on RoR. Create full back-end, and half of front end (all in js/ajax and some styles)
  • branding academy funnels - - I've created a lot of funnels for For example:
  • Generator of proposals - - Simple service, which generates PDF with proposals based on some pre-settings. Have a lot of API calls inside.

Seniour Ruby on Rails developer 01.09.2020 -

TopTal, Warszawa,

build and support client projects